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Aman & Karl

Aman and his energetic group of 30 friends joined us for a fun-filled getaway to celebrate a friend's birthday. The group was extremely pleased with the idea of our military-themed concept that offers survival training to the civilians coupled with an incomparable stay. The training inculcated leadership skills & awareness about how to tackle different situations while the whole luxurious treatment at the resort only added to the fun.


It was once in a lifetime kind of experience for Miss Anushka Mulchandani and friends at Della D.A.T.A. Right from going through a half-hour trek to get to the property & being greeted by ex-army personnel, from the thrilling obstacle course to the wonderful glamping experience, it was something they’d never done before. In a nutshell, it was a cool & uniquely refreshing weekend for our guests!

Keshav & Shanil

The Mulchandani Squad came across an innovative military-themed glamping experience for a birthday celebration at Della D.A.T.A. They were delighted to learn survival skills & training amidst our lovely boutique property with a comfy stay & delectable food. They were not only impressed with the combination of thrill and relaxation but also loved the idea of getting trained under the guidance of ex-military personnel. Our secluded location left them with a fantastic experience & a wish to visit again!

Krish Mulchandani & Amar Rcwala

The birthday boy Mr. Krish Mulchandani was filled with pride for the country & was immensely delighted to celebrate his birthday with his group at our military-themed glamping resort. They were extremely pleased with the incredible staff, amazing room service and the team of ex-military personnel who trained them. Mr. Amar Rcwala added that it was a fabulous experience amidst the wilderness combined with luxury. It was a unique fun-filled birthday celebration indeed!

Miss Anuja & friends

Look how Miss Anuja & friends found time to unwind & relax amidst the scenic beauty of Lonavala. The unique concept of military training, peaceful environment & chilling by the pool was something they loved. Disconnected from the routine & in the middle of the jungle is how the group of friends found their respite!

Mr. Abdullah Al Abduli, CEO, Al Marjan Island

Our guest from UAE, Mr. Abdullah Al Abduli, CEO, Al Marjan Island, witnessed the unique offerings of the property and was delighted to learn about new cultures, new techniques and got insights on how to tackle different situations not just on the ground while performing the activities but also in life. We are happy that he could take unforgettable memories of rejuvenation and fun back to his country!

Mrs. Ashima & family

Our happy guests, Mrs. Ashima & Mr. Dinesh talk about their interesting & unforgettable experience at our military-themed glamping resort in the video. Feeling in sync with nature amidst the jungle & connected to each other as a family was something they were delighted about. We are pleased to mention that the family truly enjoyed unplugging from technology & chilling in the jacuzzi the most.

Nitin Nahar & Family

Watch as our happy guests, Nitin Nahar and his adorable family talk about the unique activities they tried at D.A.T.A. Resort, right in the middle of the jungle - and how unplugging from the hustle and bustle of city life completely rejuvenated them!

Jueta Hemdev & Family

Watch as our happy guest, Jueta Hemdev talks about her amazing experience at D.A.T.A. Resort and all the exciting things she got to do as a surprise for her husband!

Saket Agarwal, M.D., Onnivation group

Saket Agarwal, M.D., Onnivation group describes his wonderful experience at DATA Resort and describes the entire glamping experience, which made for a spectacular corporate outing.

Program - Survival Skills For Women

The amazing team from JSW Steel visited DATA for an energetic corporate outing. Leaving their hectic schedules and cubicle routine behind, they engaged in military-themed activities that were both invigorating & exhilarating. Amidst the fun of thrilling activities and the night in the forest, they concluded the outing by developing stronger bonds & having proud smiles on their faces!

Mr. Tanmaya Desai, Assistant Vice President - SBIMF

The evening in the dense forest during the hell night activity was a highlight to the corporate outing of Team SBIMF. Incepting towards the property in the middle of the wilderness by trekking was an amazing experience for Mr.Tanmaya Desai, Asst VP. The team loved the set of activities & getting trained under ex-army personnel that led to developing leadership, team coordination, and survival skills into the team. The state of art amenities & the entire glamping experience concluded a remarkable out of office break!

Mr. Rohit Shimpi, Deputy Manager - SBIMF

Team SBI Mutual Fund was pushed to do more than they had ever done- individually & as a team with the obstacle course activity at our military-themed glamping resort. Mr. Rohit Shimpi, Deputy Manager, loved the military vibe & detailing in the rooms, accessories & the property. The team was fascinated by the activities like a nature trail, river crossing to name a few. The phenomenal services & the unique offering of the property only complemented their happiness!

Mrs. Prajakta Fungaskar, Sr. Manager - SBIMF

Team SBIMF took a break from their office desks and headed to our military-themed glamping resort for a fun-filled getaway. Mrs. Prajakta Fungaskar, Sr, Manager, SBIMF was delighted to be here, learn and relax. The team had a remarkable experience getting trained under our ex-military personnel. Bonding over activities and relaxing right after, is how their corporate outing looked!

Mr. Ashwini Bhatia, Managing Director & CEO - SBIMF

Mr. Ashwini Bhatia, Managing Director & CEO believes that there is a ‘faugee’ inside each one of us and the glamping experience at our military-themed resort brought that out in team SBIMF. The team was filled with pride for the country and learned about leadership, survival skills, comradery and teamwork with the help of our energetic trainers. It was truly a life-changing experience at a lovely location!

Ms. Saman Rehmat, Management Trainee - Bajaj Finserv

With thrill & luxury at one place, Team Bajaj Finserv got the best of both worlds at our military-themed glamping resort. Being the first outbound outing for Ms. Saman Rehmat, Management Trainee, she was excited to bond with her colleagues and the activities at our property made sure of it happening. It was indeed a very enriching experience as the team never felt this close to each other before!

Ms. Dipti Singh, Sr Manager HR - Bajaj Finserv

Team Bajaj Finserv was delighted with the exceptional concept of our military themed resort that gave way to team bonding. Ms. Dipti Singh, Sr. HR Manager, acknowledged how thoughtful it was of Mr. Jimmy Mistry to have brought life to a unique concept amidst the jungle. Our dedicated trainers ensured that everybody participated and recognized their strengths and areas of improvement. The amazing corporate outing ended with a wish to come back again!

Mr. Lohit Mannan, National Sales Head - Bajaj Finserv

Team Bajaj Finserv levelled up their corporate outing by getting the best of relaxation coupled with thrill. The offsite outbound activity at our military-themed resort was a terrific learning & glamorous camping experience. Mr. Lohit Mannan, National Sales Head, was elated with the hell night activity that led to excellent takeaways about decision making and never say die attitude. The team largely commended the trainers and the once in a lifetime kind of exposure at D.A.T.A. Resort!

Mr. Shyam Panikker- DCB Bank

Team DCB Bank was delighted to take back learnings that will last a lifetime. Mr. Shyam Panikker- Assistant Vice President- HR decided to visit D.A.T.A. because of a reference & was happy with the choice he made. They thoroughly enjoyed the training provided which was customized to fit the preference of the team. The premise left them with sheer admiration of its excellence amidst a forest and it was an inspiring affair to try out the unique offering of our luxury resort. All in all, it was a positively overwhelming experience for the management team!

Salesforce Team- DCB Bank

The salesforce team of DCB bank was delighted to find a combination of thrill & relaxation in one place with a military vibe at our beautiful property. Miss Bijal Rajput, HR Business Partner voices that D.A.T.A. is the best place for a corporate outing because teamwork and values that one can learn on the ground doing our arranged set of activities are required in the corporate world as well. The training & service offered were largely appreciated and the team felt like being in paradise amidst the beautiful mountains with an amazing atmosphere in the wilderness.


Team JCB was excited to engage in various thrilling activities through which they learned how to survive different situations in life with simple techniques. Mr. Yogesh, Assistant General Manager, was pleased with the fact that the team could bond over adventures and learned how to move forward with the team & conquer challenges. While Mr. Sudhir, Assistant GM Logistics opined that it was a great boost to the self-confidence of the individual as well as the team. The ambiance, the environment & the feeling of being safe while getting trained by our honorable ex- commandoes only added to the fun.

Tirumala Tirupati Multi State Credit Coop Soc LTD.

Team Tirumala Tirupati served their curiosity of experiencing a military-style living at D.A.T.A. Resort while soaking in the beauty of our luxury abode amidst surreal jungles. Mr. Kapil Jhaveri, MD Tirupati Group, narrated that the team instantly felt the military vibe when they headed towards the property. He was delighted to have stayed in our marvelous presidential suite and had an admiration towards the beauty of the resort & the vision that led to its existence. We are glad to have delivered exceptional services when they navigated their way through the woods guided by our experts and pumped up the adrenalin for the thrilling activities designed to build trust & harmony amongst the team members. From the spa, luxury room to a beautiful pool, they were pleased to find everything under one roof.

Program - Survival Skills For Women

Program - Survival Skills For Women

The determined women of Crédit Agricole, one of India’s leading foreign banks graced us with their presence at DATA and we are proud to inform you that they enjoyed their stay just as much as we enjoyed having them. Their team stayed for one night, and during their stay they took the Survival Skills For Women program. This program teaches situational awareness, counter terrorism, fire walk, glass walk, survival skills and self defence for endless situations. These enabled them to pick up skills like heightened awareness, improved self-confidence, sharper instincts and better understanding of their surroundings.

The amazing team of Agro Star graced us with their presence. We are glad that they enjoyed their fun-filled and action-packed itinerary which consisted of self-defence modules, dancing to the tunes of our DJ at the pool deck, an exciting nature trail, hell night, learning how to navigate using just the stars, and obstacle courses! This was coupled with our state of the art luxurious tents.

The vivacious men and women of Bharat Bank indulged in one of our main attractions: Hell Night! They trudged in the wilderness of Lonavala in the darkness of the night and learnt important survival skills. We are ecstatic that they enjoyed a taste of luxury in the middle of the jungles of Lonavala. They loved the exquisite style and aesthetic of our state of the art glamping tents, along with the sprawling view across the mountains.

The people of Bharti Axa enjoyed their stay and made full use of our sprawling Banquet Hall, Maratha Banquet. We are happy that they also let loose and had some well-deserved fun as they bonded around the bonfire and danced to the beats of our DJ by the pool deck, and even enjoyed our delectable Indian Fusion cuisine at Salaam Manekshaw & Gurkha Lounge!

The fabulous people of Navinchandra Group tested their limits with our exhilarating fire walk and came out victorious! They also indulged in various team building activities such as our obstacle & self-defence courses. The team also reinforced team bonding as they went for an exhilarating night trek, called Hell Night! They learnt how to navigate using just the stars and even how to survive in the jungle! This is not all, we are glad they also enjoyed their stay in our 5 star glamping tents.

We are pleased to mention that the Classic Holidays Team had the full DATA Experience! From the hell night to the obstacle and survival courses - as well as staying in our super luxurious glamping tents! We are so happy that they took back some unforgettable memories of team bonding and rejuvenation.

Crane Worldwide’s team getaway was just perfect: It entailed fun and adventurous team bonding activities such as the self-defence module, obstacle courses & an exciting nature trail to soak in the beautiful wilderness of Lonavala! We are ecstatic that they had the most unique corporate getaway and have taken important learnings back home!